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Online business registration in Ghana

The age of the internet has allowed many to quit their day jobs and start one of their own; with the number of people constantly online at this age, it was only reasonable that the Registrar General Department (RGD) did the same. This new online business registration in Ghana allows organizations and businesses to register their business online with ease. 

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What is online business registration in Ghana?

This is a 24-hour online service provided by the Registrar-General's Department (RGD) in Ghana to promote the electronic submission of applications for individuals who wish to register their businesses online via the portal. This means all companies that register under the RGD in Ghana will operate under the legal requirements of the GDR and the laws of Ghana. 

How do I register my business online in Ghana?

Registering your business online can be summed down to four (4) simple steps 

  • Create a business name and do a quick business name search on the RGD site. This is to make sure that your prefered business name is available and to make sure that you are not in any violation 
  • Use your personal details and business details to log in to the RGD. Such details include your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and your ID preferably a scanned copy of your Ghana card
  • Purchase via online payment and fill out the forms.
  • Pick up your registration certificate, within 14 to 28 business days.

How do I make payment for my online business registration in Ghana?

This is quite simple as all you have to do is to log into the RGD portal, fill out the required forms; for the payment, you can do it by either going to the GRA office in Accra or you could also make the payment of GHC 60 online via the Ghana National Data’s Ghana Electronic payment platform: here. Mode of payments under this includes MasterCard, VISA Card, Mobile Money payment on all networks, Bank transfer and e-Transact.

How to do a Business name search in Ghana

  • On the Registrar general's department (RGD), click on Online Registration. 
  • This will take you to the online business registration home page click on the “service” tab, the Service page will be displayed, click on “Name search” under the business section.
  • Type in your business name 

Online business registration in Ghana requirement 

To begin the process of online business registration there is a list of documents required for the process. Tax Identification Number (TIN). and if you don’t have your TIN you are allowed to use any scanned copy of your Government-issued photo identification like your National ID Card.

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Business Operating Permit in Ghana 

These are Business licenses issued by government agencies in Ghana specifically issued by the metropolitan assembly your business is based in; it allows you to conduct business within Ghana’s geographical jurisdiction. To get for business operating permit in Ghana are enquired to have 

  • A Business Name
  • Produce the name of the business owner
  • Produce Registrar General Business Certificate/Certificate Of Incorporation
  • Business Location (GPS location)/Address
  • Contact Details.

how do I register my business online in Ghana?, types of company registration in Ghana

How long does it take to register a business in Ghana?

Registering your business in Ghana should take you about 7 to 21 business days.

Where do we register a business in Ghana?

In Ghana, you can register your business at the Registrar General Department. They currently have different branches in Ghana, with their head office in Accra. There is always another option if you are unable to head to any of these offices, this is the Online Business registration in Ghana, via the RGD link. 


P.O.Box 118 Accra

Tel: +233 302 664 691-93

Fax: +233 302 662043


Digital Address: GA-143-4647


Opposite Hotel Gandolfo Asafo PMB, Kumasi

Tel: +233 322 083 151 / 322 042 152




P.O.Box 251 Ministries, Sekondi

Tel:: +233 312 482 58


Fax: : +233 312 48258

Digital Address: WS-001-7903


Tel:: +233 372 023 715



Digital Address: NT-0066-0976

What is the cost of business registration in Ghana?

The form of business registration you do in Ghana is determined by the type of business entity you are operating under; this means that there are different fees for different business entities in Ghana 

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The Fees for the year 2021 is shown below; 

Business Type Cost
Sole Proprietorship ¢60.00 + ¢50.00
Partnership ¢160.00 + ¢50.00
Company Limited by Shares ¢230.00 + ¢50.00+ ¢50.00 
Company Limited by Guarantee ¢270.00 + ¢50.00 + ¢50.00 
Unlimited Liability Company ¢230.00 + ¢100.00
External Company $1200.00 + $600.00

How do you check if a company is registered in Ghana?

This is a very important step to take after you are done with the business registration requirements.

Follow the steps below to find out if your company is registered in Ghana:

  • Visit the Registrar general’s department (RGD) website: Apply Online.
  • On the portal home page click on the “Quick links” tab
  • On the service page, click on “Name search” under the business section.
  • The Service page will be displayed.
  • On this page type in the “entity name”, select the “Search type” and type the Captcha provided below.

You can also opt to go to your regional clerk’s office in any of the RGD offices listed above to request a thorough search of a business name to find out if your business name or the business name you desire has been registered.

With online business registration in Ghana, companies can save more time and money because they can operate and register their businesses on a mostly remote basis as this registration process excludes the need for printing applications, compiling reports, travelling to a specific place, and so on.

Registration of your business, product or services is a vital step in legitimizing it that is why Bizaccess promises to help our clients understand the local laws, business regulations and certification requirements so that they are better able to comply with them and navigate the overly complex regulatory labyrinth of Ghana’s legal system. We hope you found this article on online business registration in Ghana very useful.


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